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The PBA Skill Bowling Balls - It's All About You!
The PBA Skill bowling balls were launched in 2013 with goal of leveling the playing field by standardizing the equipment and creating a competitive environment in which strong fundamentals and shot execution are the primary keys to success. Feedback, including both opinions and imperical data, has been strong:
  • 98% of those who have competed in the Skill Environment believe it makes them a better bowler.
  • Teen Masters bowlers earn Junior Gold scholarships at a rate 250% greater than other bowlers.
  • Teen Masters bowlers have won 50% of the Junior Gold titles the past two years.
The PBA Skill 3.02
Using data collected since the launch of the Skill initiative in 2013, the Teen Masters introduced the PBA Skill 3.02 in 2017. The 3.02 features measurements for hardness, differential, and RG comparable to the original Skill balls, and is made of pearlized urethane to give it the durability of the Skill 3.0 and length closer to that of the Skill 2.0.

PBA Skill width=

"The introduction of the SKILL 3.02 maintains our goals of placing ultimate responsibility for ball motion with the competitor and significantly reducing ball flare and oil absorption. The use of a pearlized urethane coverstock has allowed us to move to a single ball, further simplifying participation and lowering the cost of equipment," said Teen Masters founder Gary Beck.

To purchase the PBA SKILL 3.02, log into your account and click the Pro Shop tab.

Bowlers may use a combination of any two PBA SKILL 2.0, 3.0, and 3.02 balls
at the 2018 Teen Masters Championships.

When drilling a PBA SKILL ball for Teen Masters competition, please remember:
  • the maximum diameter allowed for any balance hole is 0.75 inches.
  • Balls drilled with the "Triangle" or "Duo" grips are not allowed.
  • PBA SKILL balls may be plugged and redrilled.
  • Interchangable thumb inserts may be used.

Layout & Drilling Recommendations Video - Click “here to see the a video from the Kegel Training Center on layout and drilling recommendations for the PBA SKILL balls.